Wednesday, April 30, 2008

by popular demand

Here is a version of the pasta with sauce, I added mushrooms and had about an hour and a half to kill before we ate dinner so it simmered for longer. Served with Capellini

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roasted tomato and fresh oregeno pasta sauce

(serves 6)
1 sweet onion
Olive oil
1/2 head garlic (or whatever amount)
1 can fire roasted whole tomatoes (we found the organic ones on sale for 1.79)
some crap red wine
Fresh Oregeno
optional: smoked pimenton (I know.)
optional: pepper (our peppergrinder does not really work so I did not use any, but it would be good)

Pour enough olive oil in the skillet to just cover the bottom. chop onion into at least bite sized pieces. Heat oive oil a little and add onion, heat on medium. while onions are cooking, chop and gradually add garlic, stirring a little when you do, garlic changes flavor with every degree heated so I like to add it at varied intervals. cook onions and garlic until onions are translucent. pour a splash of red wine in, enouch so onions and garlic turn purple and their is a tiny bit of liquid simmering, not enough that they are floating. Stir. Open can of tomatoes and pour juice into skillet. I like to take the tomatoes out of the can and crush them into the skillet one by one wih y bre hands because it is fun and I can see exactly how much I am adding, that being said you could pour the whole can into the skillet and mash them up with the spoon if you were n a hurry or did not want to gat your hands dirty. stir everything together and add salt to taste. leave to simmer. I simmered this for about 1/2 hour because I was waiting for Alex to get home, it could go shorter or longer. Start pasta water, cook pasta. While pasta is cooking cut and add fresh oregeno and dried pimenton, stir. drain pasta, return to pot, pour in sauce and serve. This should be enough sauce for 1 pound of pasta, you can use any pasta with this sauce, I used linguine because that is what we had, spagetti would be a classic choice and penne would also be good.

New directions

Last night I was cooking and thinking about the hybrid nature of quasi objects (canned tomatoes, nature or culture? BOTH) when I realized that this blog could actually serve a purpose, and so it shall. The new plan is this, I will use this blog as a place to post recipies Alex and I come up with for my Dad and whoever else feels like reading them. We spend a fair amount of time and energy learning how to make delicious things from scratch and cheaply, because even though food prices are rising, we have not had any extra money in years. In addition, we work on eating down the food chain, making things from scratch and growing what we can in the little tiny garden outside of our town house. These things both make our food cheap for us and cheap for the world. Enjoy!